How to install the WordPress blog|Amazon Lightsail AWS

WordPress is a subscription-type WordPress that can be used by signing up without a separate installation, such as other blog services such as bloggers, tumblr, and Tistory, and installation-type WordPress that can create a website and build a blog system by downloading and installing a WordPress package

WordPress can be installed and operated on a personal PC, but due to the nature of a website that needs to run 24 hours, it is necessary to use a web hosting service in which a server is rented to build and deploy the site. . This post shares how to create a WordPress homepage using Amazon Lightsail for web hosting provided by Amazon.

The reason I use Lightsail for Amazon web hosting is the most This is because it is designed for beginners to use, and it is the cheapest and provides server space to store large amounts of data and capacity to receive traffic.

Install WordPress Blog on Amazon Lightsail

01. Access to Amazon AWS service site

01_How to install WordPress-Amazon Lightsail AWS

Access the Amazon AWS service site through the link we shared, and click [Product][Computing][Amazon Light Sale] from the top menu.

02. Get started with Amazon Lightsail

02_How to install WordPress-Amazon Lightsale AWS

On that page, you can find a quick overview of the Amazon Light Sale. Click the [Start Lightsail Free] button to access the Lightsale service page.

03. Create an instance

03_How to install WordPress-Amazon Lightsale AWS

First time Amazon Lightsale users will see a blank screen. You can create a new server for WordPress installation by clicking [Instance] in the top menu and then clicking the [Create Instant] button on the upper right.

04. Instance region setting

04_How to install WordPress-Amazon Lightsail AWS

The first time you need to set the region when creating an instance. The region of the instance should select a region close to the language of the content to be served. If you create a website or blog in German, set the region to Germany.

05. Server computer operating system and service selection

05_How to install WordPress-Amazon Lightsail AWS

Next, you need to select the server computer and the program to install. It is recommended to choose a Linux operating system and choose WordPress to create a site with WordPress.

06. Server capacity selection

06_How to install WordPress-Amazon Lightsail AWS

Next, choose a plan that depends on your server’s capacity and traffic volume. Since you’re building your first website, we choose the cheapest plan. ※If you operate a website or blog and upload a lot of content or increase traffic due to an increase in the number of visitors, this is a part that you must change later.※

07. Set and create an instance name

07_How to install WordPress-Amazon Lightsail AWS

Finally, set the name of the instance and click the [Create Instance] button at the bottom. The name of the instance does not affect the website or blog to be created, and is set to a name that is easy to recognize when managing the server. I have entered the site address.

In this way, we have finished creating an instance of Amazon Lightsale with WordPress installed. In the following post, you can access the WordPress installed on the server, and check the initial setup and how to connect to the domain.

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