What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source blog software package that anyone can use WordPress to create a website or run a blog without editing code such as PHP and HTML. WordPress can be used like a service such as Tumblr or Tistory, where you can subscribe and use blog services, or you can download a package and install it on the server to build a personal site or blog. It is reported that 37.6% of all websites on the Internet worldwide are built using WordPress.

Types of sites you can create with WordPress

WordPress was created to provide a service that allows you to build a blog-type site that allows you to continue publishing articles with a topic within a specific frame at the time of initial production, but in the present case, websites with various topics can be created with WordPress.

  • Personal / Business Blog
  • Business website where you can introduce your business
  • Web Shopping mall where transactions are actually made
  • Portfolio site where you can introduce yourself
  • Forum where you can enjoy the community with people from various topics
  • Learning sites that can provide educational content

2 WordPress types

WordPress can be used in two ways. A subscription-type WordPress operation method to build a blog by signing up for WordPress.com without web hosting (server rental), and an installation-type WordPress that can be used by downloading and installing the package to build WordPress from WordPress.org on the web hosting server. There is. You can build a website and blog in a way that suits you by referring to the features of each WordPress below.

Subscription WordPress

  • You can create a blog right away by signing up for wordpress.com.
  • Even beginners can build blogs and websites without difficulty.
  • There are fewer errors compared to the installed WordPress.
  • There is no need for separate web hosting or server rental.
  • It is not possible to use external plug-ins.
  • FTP cannot connect.
  • You are free to change the hosting cost according to your site visitors.
  • You can use WordPress’ own advertising platform.

Installable WordPress

  • You can create a blog or site by downloading the WordPress package file from WordPress.org and installing it on the server.
  • You have to spend some operating cost for web hosting (server).
  • Free to use various themes and plugins to build your site and blog with WordPress.
  • FTP access, theme modification, plugin modification, etc. are possible.
  • The degree of freedom for customization is high, but some knowledge of PHP, Mysql, apache, HTML, CSS, JS, etc. is required.
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