WordPress Blog Initial Setup|Amazon Lightsail (AWS)

In the previous post, I created an instance with WordPress installed through Amazon Lightsail. In newly created WordPress, specific functions are set so that the initial administrator can access WordPress. Check out the initial setup instructions in the post below to remove this setting and make it completely my site.

01. Access my WordPress site

01_Wordpress initial setting

You can check the unique IP value of the instance by accessing the Amazon Lightsail service page and looking at the bottom right of the created instance. You can copy this IP address and enter it into your browser’s address bar to access the WordPress installed on your instance.

02. Check and access WordPress site

02_Wordpress initial setting

If you enter the instance’s IP as above, you can check the installed WordPress site. Enter /login at the end of the URL to access the admin page where you can change the settings of this site.
ex) 000.000.000/login

02-01_Wordpress initial setting

You need to log in to go to the WordPress administration page. The initial admin account can be verified on the lightsail instance, so you will be taken back to the lightsail service page to verify the initial password. ※ Login in this way only at the beginning of the WordPress blog creation. You can create an administrator account for logging in afterwards.※

03. Confirm initial password

03_Wordpress initial setting

Click the name of the instance you created to confirm the initial password.

03-01_Wordpress initial setting

You can find all the information about that instance on this page. The [SSH Connection] below is to connect to the server computer, and you can manage the server computer in the language for the server. Click the [SSH Connection] button to confirm the initial setup password.

03-02_Wordpress initial setting

The command to check the initial password set in WordPress on the Amazon Lightsail instance is as follows. The sentence displayed after entering the command is the initial password for the WordPress site. Copy the password in advance for access. (In SSH, shortcuts such as Ctrl+V are not available, so you can paste them by right-clicking.)

cat bitnami_application_password
03-03_Wordpress initial setting

Go to the WordPress site access page again, enter user in the ID, enter the password verified in SSH, and click the [Login] button.

04. Delete Mange button for initial access

04_Wordpress initial setting

The image above is the WordPress admin page that you can check when first creating in Light Sale. You can check the front page of your website that visitors can check by clicking on the house icon in the upper left corner.

04-01_Wordpress initial setting

You can see the button for initial administrator access at the bottom right of the front page. This button is actually created for initial administrator access, and should be deleted to prevent future visitors from accessing your site administrator page.

04-02_Wordpress initial setting

Connect to the SSH of your Amazon Lightsale instance and enter the text below.

sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/bnconfig --disable_banner 1

▲ This is a command to delete the access button to the administrator page.

sudo /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh restart apache

▲ This is a command to restart the Apache server to apply the changes.

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